911 Central Maryland Restoration: A Family-Owned Company

John was a thirty-year veteran of the finance industry. He and his nephew started an Internet business together in 2004. Five years later, they started a construction company, with a focus on house remodeling. Both realized that renovation was the right fit for them. They loved the challenge of re-building a house and the joy of making it their own. John and Will learned a lot about empathy and communication in customer service. After a decade of construction, they decided to use the knowledge and skills they had gained in order to do more. They wanted to help more people and be a resource for their neighbors in times of need.

It was easy to find the solution. It was time for a franchise in restoration to serve Central Maryland.

John did extensive research on their options. After looking at many restoration companies, John and Will decided to go with 911 Restoration. This top-ranking franchise is located in the United States. Knowing that this company would provide ample resources and education opportunities, they chose to work with it. 911 Restoration’s emphasis on complete restoration was a perfect fit for John and Will’s business model.


What makes 911 Restoration different

You can trust John and Will to restore your property.

911 Restoration offers complete property restoration following any disaster. Water damage restoration in Maryland and mold remediation are just a few of the services offered by 911 Restoration. Each technician is highly skilled to meet every request. They can help you get back on your feet, no matter what experience you have had. They can do everything: roof repair, mold inspections, drywall replacement, sodablasting and structural drying. John and Will lead the team to achieve the highest standards of property restoration and water damage Maryland.

John and Will are open to 911 Restoration’s mission of compassionate service. They believe that property restoration should not be a simple job of repairing and cleaning up. They are here to help you find real and comprehensive solutions when faced with a life-altering situation. Even small property damage can cause stress. John and Will know that your property can feel completely different when it is flooded or contaminated with mold. They understand that you are worried about the cost of cleaning and rebuilding. It can be overwhelming to hire a contractor for restoration. They anticipate your concerns and provide solutions right away. We mean “solutions” by 24/7 availability, 45-minute arrival time, free insurance consultations, crystal clear communication, and transparent communication from the beginning.