Spencer and Ashley Bingham, husband and wife, are proud branch owners at 911 Restoration Las Vegas. They provide top-of the-line Las Vegas water damages restoration services for home and business owners in their local community. Spencer worked in restoration for 7 years before joining 911 Restoration. He discovered his passion for restoration and worked hard to climb the ranks to become a project manager. Ashley has worked in the food and beverage industry for 8 years. You can host, waitress, bartender, or manage. She knew that her customer service and management experience would be a great asset to the restoration industry.

They were married and wanted to have a family. However, they also knew that they wanted to do the best for their children. They took a chance on opening 911 Restoration Las Vegas. 911 Restoration Las Vegas is a family affair that goes beyond the husband and wife. Spencer’s brother Tanner wanted to join his sibling in this new venture. His background as a land surveyor meant that he knew that joining 911 Restoration would be a great move for him. They do everything together to make the team feel like a family. When in crisis, Spencer and Ashley have no hesitation in helping home- and business owners in Las Vegas for mold removal las vegas and many other restoration services .


Home Restoration Services You Can Trust

Spencer & Ashley knew they were entering an industry that was very popular in Las Vegas when they set out to create 911 Restoration of Las Vegas. Based on their extensive experience in the restoration business, they identified key elements that were missing in large cities such as Vegas. A family-owned and operated restoration business, as well as a business that provides a positive customer experience, are some of the missing elements.

They wanted to offer their customers a family-owned and operated business they could turn to in times of need. A company that stands firm to the values that bind a family and all people together. Honesty and integrity. Respect, friendship, and consideration. These qualities are what we strive to offer to each customer and every project.