Josh and Jarom, friends turned business partners, run the Mesa branch 911 Restoration with an infectious new start attitude. They plan to share their enthusiasm with the community. Josh’s wife worked for Jarom, and they quickly became friends after she introduced them to each other. Both realized that they had a common work ethic, which could be the basis of a strong working relationship. The idea to open a 911 Restoration branch in their local area was eventually born to help with water damage restoration mesa az and surrounding areas.

Josh began his career in high school as a demolition worker for his uncle’s flood damage business. This led him to do kitchen remodels. Although he ended up working in the sales and marketing department of a flood agency, he knew his passion for carpentry. Jarom’s dad was a general contractor so he used to dig ditches at his dad’s construction sites as a child. Jarom never went into construction, but he was still passionate about homes and buildings. He earned his master’s in real estate development. He was able to remodel hotels and flip homes.

The friendship was formed by Josh’s flood damage restoration experience and Jarom’s real estate development background. They knew that they could use their strengths together to run 911 Restoration Mesa. They work hard and have fun and they are eager to earn their playtime by helping every Mesa home or business owner that has water damage restoration or mold removal needs. Give them a call today!


We will help you beat the Mesa Heat damage

Josh was born in Gilbert and so fully understands the impact of severe summer heat on residential and commercial properties in Mesa. Mesa is not possible without your AC unit running continuously. This can save you from serious injury and water damage. Customers believe that heat will quickly evaporate any signs or condensation. However, mold can grow anywhere there is hot weather and damp conditions.

Mold can cause damage to your property’s structure and health. Mesa is also prone to water heater leaks and pipe bursts that should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage. Josh and Jarom can provide fast and efficient services to remove mold and fix any water damage. Call 911 Restoration Mesa immediately if you see any of these signs or need help with anything else.